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Marg Anderson and Chris Anderson

Marg and Chris are the two superheroes that founded PNGI in 1992. They started by providing professional support to Northern Communities. At that time Professional Support was mostly spent understanding people through observation, creating plans and then teaching their team and family members how to best work with them. Then they added life skills support as they learned there are many life skills associated with being employed. 

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Chris Arnold

Chris was a Behavioural Therapist, author, teacher, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

He had an M.Sc. degree in psychology and was a master level trainer in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. Chris was the Clinical Director and CEO of PNGI and worked in the field of disability services for 30 years. Also, he was a Psychology instructor at Coast Mountain College. 

Chris was a successful entrepreneur who opened and operated an old-fashioned ice cream shop called the CHILL Soda Shop and a very successful document destruction company, The Confidential Shredding Company.

Chris suddenly passed away in 2017. He shared a house with his wife, four large parrots, and a couple of dogs. He loved to travel and enjoyed Central America. Also, he was an avid collector of "Art with a Pulse:" tattoos. 

Kristie Ebeling (CEO)

Kristie has been passionate about inclusion and diversity since she was a young girl. She is finding her calling, working in the field empowering people with diverse abilities when she was 19 years old. Her ability to connect with people, holding supported space that is non- judgemental and welcoming is top-notch. Empowering people to identify, celebrate and own their talents and gifts is a strength that Kristie prides herself on.
Kristie has been in constant motion, working hard, connecting with people and empowering people to live their best life her entire adult life. 

She began her career working directly with people, moving into empowered leadership through Management, Area Manager, Northwest Director and presently holding the C.E.O. Of her agency, Provincial Networking Group Inc. She is forever grateful for all the opportunities that have been offered to her and encourage everyone to say Yes to opportunities, stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Kristie looks forward to using this new position to have a louder voice to create more welcoming communities, celebrating everyone’s diverse talents and gifts to develop a more profound sense of inclusion for all.
Kristie is the mother of two teenagers she prides on because they are genuinely kind and compassionate. She likes to have fun and surrounds herself with beautiful people who are full of love and laughter.

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Jamie Olafson (Team Lead)

I moved to Terrace in 2018 from the Fraser Valley. I wanted to experience a slower pace of life and more on the North West's natural beauty. My family and I live on a small piece of land out of town, and we have three dogs. I have been in this field for over five years professionally and over 15 personally. What I love about working in Community Support is watching people achieve their goals and heart's desire. It has been enriching and educational for me to learn from the individuals and their families, to see them grow and experience new things.

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Hi, my name is Callie-Mae Carriere. I am a health and wellness coach at PNGI, as well as the Director of Adventure Awaits. I believe in living, aligned with our most authentic passions. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I am very grateful for being able to lead groups exploring northern BC. I have an extraordinary home life full of love and laughter with my husband and two fur babies Little Foot and Molly. 

Our family is approaching a new chapter expecting a little one on the way. Hobbies I enjoy to partake in really depends on the season. I am an adrenaline enthusiast. My husband is a very avid hunter, and I have been his hunting buddy for four years now, learning how to harvest our meat.

Callie-Mae Carriere

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Amy Van

My name is Amy, and I'm 25 years young. I started at PNGI in December 2019. I've completely fallen in love with this career and can't wait to grow within this business. I moved to Terrace in 2016 and proudly called it my home. 

A little background noise about me; 
I am a registered yoga teacher.
I LOVE hiking and mountaineering.
My passion is long-distance running.
I've backpacked through Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and I've travelled through some of America. 
Last but most importantly, I am a happy dog momma to two beautiful golden retrievers.

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Paula Hamer

I have been working with PNGI since 2007 as a Life Skills Coach. My position is a rewarding job, as I can help individuals achieve their goals. I have gone on many fun adventures with the young adults I help. I have travelled to watch WWE wrestling in New Orleans. I went to Prince George to see Headly. I have also helped a client get her licence and attended her wedding.

I was born in Quesnel but spent most of my childhood years in several rural communities across B.C. And Alberta. I enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at Coast Mountain College in 1999. I worked as a Special Education Assistant for School District 82 for ten years. Then I took additional courses to upgrade my credentials to secure a more qualified position. 

Now I specialize in working with Autistic children. I reach out to families and educate them on how to raise a child with special needs, therefore, strengthing the family unit. I love my job. 


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Gwyneth Pritchard has been an empowerment coach with PNGI for approximately five years, which she has thoroughly enjoyed. 
I'm a mother of two special-needs adults that I adopted when they were very young. Not being told they were special, we grew together and tried to figure out things—the best and sometimes the most difficult 35 years of my life. The best part was what it taught me and made me a better, stronger person with my mentor's help.
PNGI's founder Marg Anderson helped me in so many ways throughout the years. Then allowed me to take my experiences and knowledge and share with others.
I am calm and able to think outside the box. No problem is too big to solve. Let's learn some tools to help gain inner peace. Everyone has a remarkable gift to share with the world. 

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Gwyneth Pritchard

Jennifer Crystal LaFontaine

My name is Jennifer LaFontaine and I am very grateful to be a wife, mother of 3 and an Empowerment Coach at PNGI. The beautiful thing about PNGI is who you are is what you bring to the table.  We celebrated our individual’s uniqueness as well as our coaches. We are constantly growing from each other and together. Our goals get fulfilled and new goals emerge as we discover and learn. Truly a unique organization. Some of the amazing things that I have been fortunate enough to have been apart of organizing to help fulfil goals and dreams have been:

- Organizing/entering the Riverboat Days Parade
- Learning ASL/doing a performance
- Guitar lessons/practicing the ukulele
- Volunteering at School’s in our community for their lunch programs
- Volunteering for our Community Food Bank
- Learning about wild plants and mushrooms and going out into the field mushroom picking and exploring our forests
- Learning how to make soap/river rock soap dishes
- Putting on a PNGI craft fair in PNGI’s backyard to create an opportunity for our individuals to sell their creations

There are many more amazing experiences that I haven’t mentioned and I look forward to many more to come. 

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Hello friends. I joined PNGI two months ago to develop their social media strategy, create a new website, and work as a coach. 

I was born and raised in Terrace, B.C. I have a Marketing Degree from Camosun College in Victoria, B.C. I'm in school again to become an Educational Assistant. I look forward to helping children lead their best lives. 

I love to shred deep powder on my snowboard, kick up dirt on my mountain bike, and hook native trout on my 7ft 3wt fly rod. Eventually, I'll own a camper and truck to journey through North, Central, and South America. 

Mick Miller

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Hi, my name is Robin, and I've been working for PNGI as an empowerment coach since Jan 2019. 

Manitoba born and raised, I have made a few moves consistently west from there to now call Terrace home since 2012. I went to college for Travel and Tourism Management and have gained a lot of experience. I love guiding people to find unique places to enjoy within their home area. Working for PNGI has enabled me to explore and enjoy what the Northwest has to offer and seeing new places with our group. 

During our recent time at home, I decided to take the plunge and study to get my first level of yoga teaching. I have enjoyed the process so far and have been sharing new things with our group on zoom. I love that everyone is so patient and kind while helping me learn! I'm excited to share as I grow.

During the interview process, my interviewee asked my superpower, and I explained how I could cook anything in a toaster oven. Name a meal, and I can do it. I also enjoy cultivating my garden, DIY projects, swimming, gaming, and spending time at home with my boyfriend and three cats. 

Robin Woodman

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Brooklyn Wagner

Brooklyn is deeply passionate about travel and international relations, which she shows in her adventurous approach to continuous learning. 

A terrace native of First Nations and mixed ancestry, Brooklyn spent most of her years in the lower mainland where her love and appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism flourished. Having spent most of the last five years abroad perusing personal and professional growth, she has serendipitously found herself in her hometown. She is an independent and strong-willed individual with a wealth of experience behind her. By investing in grassroots initiates, she hopes the practical experience of working for the diverse needs within the community locally as well as abroad will inspire transformational change.

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Sheryl (Shooie) Harrison

Sheryl (Shooie) Harrison is excited to be working at PNGI, supporting individuals to enjoy their best lives with friends and family while encouraging meaningful pursuits and employment. She has worked in the K-12 school system, taught at UBC, SFU, Douglas College and now enjoys working with Service Providers developing positive planning and practice. 

Shooie has a Masters of Special Education with a concentration in Positive Behaviour Supports and Augmentative and Alternative Communication, both useful in supporting coaches and teams. Shooie lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and enjoys walking on the beach, cooking up a storm, and fun with friends and family.

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Christina Azak

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