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“Screaming For Attention”

A collection of true stories told by Chris Arnold, PNGI's Clinical Director and Behavioural Consultant. Each story is unique and shows how people labelled with inappropriate, problematic, or even 'psychotic' behaviour may actually have valid reasons for behaving the way they do. The underlying theme of the book is respect for people who behave or communicate in their own unique way. Recognizing that labelling people, using negative approaches, or isolating them because of the way they behave is not a solution. Some of the stories are sad, some are humorous, but most will cause the reader to stop and re-evaluate the way they look at people with behaviour problems.

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Job Developer’s Toolkit

Based on very effective staff training, PNGI has developed a series of booklets on four topics related to the Non-Traditional Job Development techniques. These four booklets are packaged in their own envelope and filled with practical tips and examples for people interested in developing jobs for people with disabilities or barriers to employment. The toolkit is available for purchase through this website and has been used with very positive reviews by agencies and individuals across Canada.

The four topics of the booklets:

* Job Development Brainstorming

* Job Seeker Profiles

* Writing Successful Job Proposals

* Job Coaching Strategies

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Created in 2010 as part of an "Advancing Employment" initiative funded by CLBC, PNGI put out a request for sumbissions from around the province of great employment stories involving people with developmental disabilities. The response was very good and after an indepth review, 8 individuals were selected to be included in the book. 

The foundation of the booklet is the word "RESPECT" which stands for "Real Employment Stimulates Pride, Empowerment, Connections and True inclusion". The booklet was professionally designed and printed for a stunning look. The hope is that the success stories enable people to see the potential in someone with a disability that they know and stimulate ideas for employment possibilities!

There are a limited number of copies available and 100% of the purchase price will be donated to the BC EmployNet Association, a province wide group of volunteers who work in the supported employment field.

This item can be purchased through the BC EmployNet Association:

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Behaviour Fortune Teller

Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball to interpret challenging or aggressive behaviour?

Well, here is the next best thing... the PNGI Behaviour Fortune Teller!

You probably remember these from your school years. Spread it open in one direciton and you will see four common motivators to challenging behaviour. Spread it open in the other direction and see four common triggers for aggressive behaviour. Lift the tab(s) for tips related to the eight topics.

These are great handouts at team meetings or professional development days. They can also be fun motivational tools for staff that provide a unique tidbit of information on behaviour!

You can purchase these from PNGI for $2.50 each or packs of 10 for $20.00

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Employment Matters Button

The two buttons have the messages "iBelieve people with disabilities can work" and "Diversity @ Work". The background presentation card that they are attached to has a photo of Peter and some of his co-workers from Kal Tire in Terrace aldong with the slogans, "Employment Matters!" and "Real Work - Real Pay".

The buttons and presentation card, designed by Chris Arnold, would make a great recognition gift for employees, a public relations tool for local businesses, or a tool for raising awareness in the community as a whole. Wear these great messages and generate discussion about employment and people with disabilities.

The iBelieve buttons achieved some fame in British Columbia in 2007 when they were worn by all of the MLA's during the opening of the provincial legislature. This is quite a rare honour as such symbols are not generally permitted unless both the leading party and the opposition can agree and everyone wears the same symbol. In this case they did all agree and it was a great show of support for an important concept.

These Button Sets are available for purchase from PNGI for $4.50 per set plus taxes.

Contact PNGI to place an order.

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